Just throw me back to the 1800s

Last night I made chutney with the plums that have been sitting on our freezer for a gazillion years. There was a bit of improvisation on the recipe front so I have NO IDEA if it’s going to be even edible. But I succeeded on sealing the jars properly. YUSSSS.

Expert advice was called for: I worked my way through Sarah Beanykins blog for her July 2008 post on being a pro at ‘suck pop’-ing her jars shut. Then I read it and realised she didn’t give directions so much as proclaim her fabulousness at mastering the suck-pop. And I thought “If Beany can do it, then so can I!” And I *almost* doubted myself when I got the jars out of the oven, jammed the chutney in them and screwed on the lids (without burning myself… YUSSS) but there was no immediate suck-pop. It was midnight by that stage and I was very ready to break down in tears at the distinct lack of chutney jar-sealing genius, so I went to bed.

BUT low and behold when I emerge from my bedroom in the morning and go and tentatively push down on the lids of the jars and weeeeeeeeeeeee! They did their thing! Sometime over the night they sucked in and popped and who am I if not the Chutney Queen? (Actually… Beany can be the Chutney Queen… afterall I did follow her example!)

Anyway, the pic above is of the lone jar that didn’t succeed with its suck-pop business because I didn’t screw the damn lid on straight. Bloody babyfood jars are dumb like that. So it’ll not have the chance to mature for a month as my (barely followed) recipe instructed. But that’s OK because we’ll eat it tonight with copious amounts of cheese and crackers. Mmmmm.

And in other domestic goddess news, I finished* some little mary jane booties for Clea’s new babe. This particular babe may now be too big to fit them but ’tis not my fault that babies don’t take into account the zillion things I have to do. My apologies if you still read here Clea… I’m hoping that your gorgy little one is keeping you too occupied to read my incessent rambling.

Anyway, they are knitted in Sirdar Baby Bamboo which was quite lovely and soft to work with. Tad on the splitty side… but I guess you can’t avoid that with Bamboo. I’m just used to working with wool.

Ooooo and I found a scarf to knit for myself. Watch this space. (Actually, don’t… you’ll be waiting for years. You know what I’m like!)

* Actually, that’s a lie. You can *just* see a needle sticking out the back of one of the shoes where I got halfway through sewing on the button and ran out of thread. heh. It’s been almost a week and I haven’t gotten my butt into gear and finished it off. Ooo. I just realised you can also see some wonky stitches. Knitters! Please ignore. Thx.

5 thoughts on “Just throw me back to the 1800s

  1. Hey well done. They do take a few hours to suck down as the jar and the contents cools, if you’d been awake you might have heared them go pop.

    I have no idea what your debt below was about but I want a Caymen Islands account too!!!!!!!


  2. Hey,
    I’m always and avid reader so that was a nice surprise to read about (and see a photo of) a pressie for Reta – she’s still pretty little so will probably fit them. Maybe Reta and I should come and meet you for coffee or lunch one work day or do a weekend play date so R and H can get in on the action:)


  3. I made plum chutney back in plum season – some jars popped, some didn’t. I poked them a bit and then couldn’t work out which ones had popped on their own and which ones I’d pushed down accidentally. Oops. I was up until 3am with mine, so no princess or queen titles deserved for such bad timing and terrible popping skills!


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