The pre-kid days

Things I miss from the pre-kid days:

  • The 1 head: 1 pillow ratio (or maybe just personal space generally!)
  • Not having to justify to anyone why it’s OK for me to have nutella and banana toasted sandwiches for breakfast and not OK for a 4 year old.


And in other news… craziness has subsided momentarily. And it’s either going to get a whoooole lot more mental over the next month… or I’m going to get sulky and depressed. Win-win! Yeah right. šŸ˜›

My apologies for being so cryptic. I just never know who has found there way around here.


5 thoughts on “The pre-kid days

  1. Things I miss now the kids are all grown up:
    * reading books together in the big bed in the mornings
    * people who are small enough to fit on your knee for a cuddle
    * children thinking I was really clever because I knew so much
    * cooking things like eggs in breadcrumbs and mashed veges with cheese on top
    * singing in the car
    * jumping in puddles


  2. My top thing I miss from the pre-kid days: SLEEP. Going to bed and knowing that your only mission was to stay unconcious until morning. Sigh.
    I'm hoping for the best with all the craziness! šŸ˜‰


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