Productive Sunday

Day of rest my ass.

I spent Saturday morning tidying our lounge and attacking the mountains of dishes and monstrous washing pile that had formed on one of our chairs. There’s plenty more to be done but it gave me enough space to tackle domestic goddess business on Sunday.

It started with chicken stock, banana cake, pikelets, and bread in the morning and then after I had gone and had baby cuddles and a much needed catch up with a friend, I spent the afternoon sewing up a storm. Han needs a pile of new clothes as she seems to be adding a centimetre per day to the length of her limbs. Pants that I thought had miles to grow into are suddenly too damn short! Argh.

So I made Han a pair of pants in record time, she refused to try them on, I threw a tantrum. But meh. They’ll either fit or they won’t. My apologies. No pics of those due to generally noncompliant four year old. Grrr.

After that I decided to sew for someone who would appreciate the effort and willingly model any garments created. So I sewed myself a merino dress! Wooooo!

Every time I’ve tackled super stretchy fabrics I’ve had a disastrous time with the sewing machine eating the fabric and packing tantrums on me. But I discovered the secret. Finally! It turns out when they say that you should use the correct needle for the fabric you are sewing, they aren’t just being pedantic. It actually makes a difference. A pretty major one actually. My apologies for doubting you, sewing masters. I bow to your superior knowledge of needly business.

And I freaking love it. LOVE IT! I subjected Claire to me dancing around in it for a good half hour or so because I was so excited. No pattern as usual. Yussss. [Edited to add: OK my damn sister just saw the pic and said “Oh cool, does it come with the tummy?” Bitch. heh. So may I just say in my defence that I’m wearing two layers underneath it? If I was wearing it out I’d find a slip thing to wear. So take that Jute!]

After my fit of sewing, the domestic goddess-ness continued with totally awesome pumpkin soup for dinner. If only the Devil Child agreed. For some reason she has massive objections to soup and can’t help gagging up a storm. I can only surmise that it is the texture because it sure as hell ain’t the taste. Well… I thought it was good at least. Damn her.

It was in the after glow of my extreme productiveness that I started to think about where this burst of energy came from. Then it dawned on me, my study guide arrived last night. Turns out my procrastination techniques are alive and well. Expect mucho crafting over the next few months as I avoid tackling uni work with every ounce of energy I possess. heh

Oh, and because she’s so freaking awesome, I need to rave about Hannah’s part in the creche Matariki concert on Friday evening. All the kiddos were gorgeous, but it turns out that the Devil Child had composed the lyrics to the “Taniwha Haka”. Minor amount of GENIUS, may I say? Super proud mama moment.


8 thoughts on “Productive Sunday

  1. my God – I could never wear anything like that because I'd look like I was wearing sausage casing. Not pretty.
    Oh, and I made bread rolls at the weekend and thought I had managed a minor miracle on a par with splitting the atom or finding a vaccine for aids. But you've put me to shame.


  2. nice!! so what *is* the right needle to use with merino?! cos my efforts have been all puckeryhuckery thus far..

    hmm a genius devil child..? a potent combo! but she looks so sweet & innocent in that pic!! 😉


  3. i love that hannah is a budding writer…they don't make too much cash though, so push her into the songwriting bizz – she can gain royalties for soing nothing……ahhhh, I'm all about child labour.


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