The post where I ramble

For a change.

My apologies to everyone I freaked out with my cryptic comments. I thought I’d been way blatant about my secret business but it turns out it was a lot more worrying than I thought. So, yes, Hannah and I are fine and dandy! Just potentially embarking on some exciting new adventures… it’s just that making those adventures happen is proving a tad challenging and it’s causing me to be grumpy. But being the eternal optimist that I am… it WILL happen! Eventually.

And when it does look more solid then I will totally announce it.

In the mean time, I have exciting projects underway on the knitting front in terms of workshops and exhibitions and all things eventy. I’ve also been avoiding my uni paper which I should perhaps tackle at some point. The text book costs nearly $100 so I’ve been avoiding it for a good reason!

So while all that is going on behind the scenes, I have feck all to show for it. My apologies.

I’m a total blog bore.


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