I refuse to twitter

But if I did, this is what it would look like:

  • I hate it when you look down and realise you are a walking bloody Glassons advert
  • @Abrakebabra-dude-walking-through-JS-Building: just because you didn’t turn your head, doesn’t mean I can’t see you looking.
  • Mmmmm cofffeeeeeee
  • Don’t worry people, it isn’t swine flu! Just a cold.
  • Less concrete, more brain today. Good times.

I think there is a good reason I don’t twitter. Less boring the world to tears.


7 thoughts on “I refuse to twitter

  1. Likewise!
    Altho I solemnly swore I'd never use CrackBook either… and now look!

    Mine would probably look something like:

    * 8 sleeps…
    * Anyone wanna do my work for me?
    * Just downloaded . Totally Epic! Get it!
    * 324 tonight. yusss!


  2. Im the same – I mean do people really need to know that I have just stuffed a gigantic baked potato covered in cheese and sourcream down my cakehole and now want chocolate…. no they dont need to know that


  3. lol you crack me up. I'm pretty sure my twittering would be more boring than yours – who needs to know I spent my day wiping snotty noses and reading smutty twilight fanfic (yep no life)


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