Why I’ll miss this place

This was growing on my co-worker’s desk. It isn’t at all unusual. In fact, he makes tea about once and month and spends the remaining time growing a new culture for our amusement.

The other day this same workmate bought us all those little creatures that you put in water and they grow into giant sludgy slimey versions of their smaller selves.

And that’s only one of them. Then there’s my fave resident anarchist (hey!), the one that regales us with tales of his teenage years in Blenheim, among others. And that’s just in this office! Definitely no other place like it.

And yeah, so I’m sick of being all secretive. I’m looking for jobs in Auckland. On account of a pretty rad type of the male kind. So far no luck but if anyone needs a ridiculously enthusiastic, slightly ranty, not-particularly-skilled-at-anything employee then I’m your girl!


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