The swine!

They have me.


Or something does. Either way. It isn’t pleasant.

What also isn’t pleasant is that I will probably pass it on to my ‘bedmates’ considering I slept with 4/5 of my flatmates last night. haha

It better not interrupt my plans to shift a load of stuff up to Auckland this weekend. Grrrr.

5 thoughts on “The swine!

  1. you shall be fine – just take it easy, drink lots of fluids and give yourself a break.

    There will be three days (not simultaneous) when you feel really crap and you'll manage on the rest.

    And for some reason all the guys i know didn't get it. Damn them.


  2. 4/5 flatmates? Score! 😉

    Seriously, you probably have swine flu. 99% of flu cases in Aus are now swine variety. Wellington is probably mostly that way now too.


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