A bit less shit

But still without pictures because I haven’t broken out the old camera in a while.


I am embarking on a couple of months worth of house sitting/crashing at friends’ places. I do have a gaping big hole from September 1st to September 24th if anyone has any bright ideas?

But freak me, my friends are totally awesome. The fact that I’ve been able to sort a month and a half worth of accommodation in a few days is just wicked.

Andddddd then my day got even better when I got in touch with a couple of people involved with youth work with teen mums in Wellington. The first runs antenatal classes for teens and has a section where they get someone along to talk about their experience as a young mama (ie. ME!!!) and the second works for a youth health centre and is setting up a postnatal support group for young mums. And holy crap if those two phone calls didn’t completely solidify my plans to go into social work and work with young women etc around sexual health, pregnancy, parenthood etc.

So yeah, feeling quite excited about life at the moment. A massive improvement on my distinct lack of enthusiasm yesterday.


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