Oh hello!

I had a bazillion things to blog about… but then I forgot my camera. But man oh man, just you wait. I am SO excited about uber neat shit that I have to tell you about.

In the mean time, you will have to make do with this particular piece of uber neat shizzle that I have to tell you:

This geeky knitter, as part of the OutdoorKnit crew, is running a knitting circle at Craft2.0 which is being held this Saturday (25th) at the New Dowse in Lower Hutt.

So you must get your little butts down to the craft fair to view some amazing wares being sold by freaking awesome crafters and then come hang with MEEEE! You can come learn to knit, or help out by teaching others to knit, contribute some stitches to a graffiti knit project, take the Devil Child to the toilet because her slack ass mother is too busy to parent her, or just generally hang with some rockingly cool people.

I am SO excited.

In other news: the sun shone this weekend! And I moved out! I am already on to my second house in a series where the Devil Child and I take advantage of the hospitality of lovely people. If you have any bright ideas of where Han and I might be able to sleep during September, we would love to hear from you. heh.

Other exciting stuff will follow. I promise!


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