One of the bonuses of house sitting is that you get to stay at the coolest houses in the world.

Currently I am staying in a teeny tiny flat… but it is so freaking close to town. It’s awesome. The kid and I are going to walk ourselves down to the movies on Sunday and watch Ice Age 3. Then walk home again. Yusss.

After I finish being a city slicker then I am moving back to the most outrageously retro beach-side pad in the whole world. Yussss again.

Star shaped fairy lights make me happy

Original retro appliances and bread bins also make me happy

Retro radios and Jen’s art are rockin’

Orange… *sigh* 🙂

Awesome couches and Seam cushions. Weeee.

And this isn’t in the house at all but it makes me smile just as much.

3 thoughts on “Homeless

  1. The grand tour of Welly street art was awesome. Thanks muchly 😀

    And the retro beach house was rockin' – I am however still slightly disturbed by the baby headed chicken?! 😛

    🙂 x


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