This is not Tourism NZ and other bullshit

So I went back to Rotorua last weekend. To hang with the boy.

And as a lovely “Welcome home” present, my car window was smashed with a big f’off rock.

Thanks for that Rotorua.

Luckily the boy (and co) are awesome and fixed my window within hours. Yusssss.

I owe them. Big time.

In other news… I don’t have internet access at “home” (currently house sitting retro place again!) so blogging will be crap. Unless I come across werewolf man again. This time I’ll be ready!

Oh, and I’m in the process of enrolling Han in school. It’s all rather frightening. Especially when I realise I am totally going to be one of Those Parents who pull their kid out of religious instruction. *muhahahaha* Unless they convince me that it is phenomenology of all sorts of religions and not just the religious instruction we received which was pretty much creation theology. Hrmmm.

I am also applying for Auckland type jobs. It’s a bit crap. But a bit necessary.

Oh, andddddddddd I’m doing ‘No spend August’. But forget I said that as I have to delay announcement of this until after I totally break the rules and get my hair cut. My hair is truly hideous.

Other than all that exciting news, I’m studying up a storm (read: opening book and all of a sudden becoming overwhelmed by exhaustion. Interesting phenomenon.) and knitting aplenty for an upcoming exhibition which I will hopefully have fancy promo stuff to show off soon.

Over and out.


7 thoughts on “This is not Tourism NZ and other bullshit

  1. Hmmm….no spend August aye? I suspect after our weekend with you (in three more sleeps!!!!) that you will have broken that one!!! I am a bad, bad influence…
    Re religous instruction; does it matter if the RHDC gets exposed to it? It's good stuff to know (even if it is crap) and will give her a broad grounding in Christian theory. Surely you will teach her other stuff. She will ultimately make up her own mind…so what harm will a few more 'fairy tales' do? (Just my 2c worth!) Personally although I do not 'believe' I am very gla dof my education in this area. Makes for a MUCH better, well informed discussion with people who try and 'convert' me.


  2. Oh, I'm all for education about religion. A pile of stuff we can learn from it. Hell, I did my degree in it! haha But like you said, I can give her that with regard to as many religions as I can get my hands on.

    I didn't suffer for it, but I have a feeling that the religious instruction teacher at my school suffered for having me in her class 😉

    My reasons for pulling her are not so much for the effect on the individual as for being anti the fact that they have this as default in schools.

    It's not my only gripe with the enrollment process. They are gonna haaaaaate me.


  3. um. yes you caught me reading your blog… only way to keep up with you now your pretty much an aucklander.

    Just for your information… i have a 25% off voucher for that place downstairs from you. The one that always rips your undies.. Give me a bell if you want it… could help lessen the damage on no spend august…



  4. Hmm, yes….RE in schools. Wouldn't rip my undies if it actually was RE and not “Welcome to Catholicism”. The time when RE is all encompassing is the time I would be letting my kids attend!


  5. Interesting difference between us! RHDC and my little drling are about the same age, and we are doing the whole preference card at the moment. I teach in a catholic school, and I am trying desperately to get my non-catholic child in the local catholic school.

    I guess cause I see the kids that come from there at secondary school, and I know they do soooo much better than some of the others.

    I'm all for the god talk, and a bit of indoctrination. The last 6m has made a huge difference to my spirituality, and thats awesome 🙂

    BUt wow – our kids are nearly 5!!!!


  6. School is SO great, they're just so ready for something new by 5 and it was just the bestest thing ever for our wee boy. Luckily our local school has no religous ed so no dilemmas there. Call me new-fashioned but I just think religion has no place in schools.

    PS. Loved your letter to Ms Bennett.


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