[Self] Indulgence

Totally pimping myself here… but you can check out my mumbling and “ummmm”s and “ahhhh”s to a selection of delightful pics of our graffiti knitting goodness over at the Dominion Post website.

And if you happened to pick up the paper this weekend then there was a centre spread of OutdoorKnittiness in the Indulgence magazine. Actually, Emma has helpfully scanned it in, so even if you didn’t see it in paper then check it out on her blog. (Thanks Emma!)

Thanks to Ross and Kimberley for putting it all together. You two are faaaabulous.

P.S. Fence decorating mission was AWESOME. The people who contributed were way cool… and the passers by who stopped to talk were also mucho neato.


6 thoughts on “[Self] Indulgence

  1. Loved the article! Was stoked to be in Welly that weekend, what good timing!
    Mum said she thinks you are mad – in a good way.
    Is the knit tag we did in Cuba (or was it Manners?) still there? That's the most rebelious I've been – sad aye?


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