The thought of being unemployed in a recession, and at a time when we have a government cutting funding to social services*, makes me cry.

A lot.

The End.

*The social services being the work I want to get into… not the actual service provision. I am way totally selfish.


6 thoughts on “Stress

  1. Sorry to hear this is stressing you so much. If I'd have known I'd have given you a store of hugs to draw on…not that that helps, but you know…
    Things will come right eventually, remember they always do…just at the moment it's hard to see.
    Let your man carry the burden for a bit, you know that you will return the favour in some way or another in the future. (D, I hope you don't mind me saying that!)
    Keep strong. Change, although painful, is GOOD!


  2. I know what you mean – the bum's fallen out of my industry and our little family's fortunes have reduced much in the last eight months. Gives me more time for knitting and freaking out how to pay preschool fees … also leaves my mind free for following Bo on the Go and working out how to teach Sweeney to skateboard …


  3. Just the thought of that makes me stressy. I hope yours is short-lived and you find that perfect job soon. I am clinging to my mum's advice that things always work out for the best eventually. Feel free to grab on with me.


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