Superveryawesome jewellery

I bought this necklace after Sue posted a link to it on her blog and mannnnnnnnn it is cool. I love it squillions and trillions and heaps. The best part? I also got these:

And I love them squillions and trillions and heaps too!

And if you use my “Compliments = Discounts” rule* then they’ve already paid for themselves too! Woooop!

Supervery rocks. Thanks Sue!

* Any compliment you receive results in a discount on the price of an item. This rule came about when I purchased my Doc boots and they too have totally paid themselves off.


One thought on “Superveryawesome jewellery

  1. Oh wow that jewellery lives up to its name!
    Man they've stopped selling our docs!
    And i so want the red but they are going for silly prices on TM.


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