Click click click

Well…. I say click click click but truth be told, my needles don’t make that noise. I don’t quite understand how they would?!

If the last week of insane knittiness has taught me anything it is that cheaps needles are utter shit. I have at times questioned whether it was worth the gazillion dollars I paid for a set of Knit Picks but holy fricking hell, yes. Undoubtedly. Yes.

I also hate flat needles. With a passion.

I’m a circulars girl for knitting flat or round.

Glad we got that sorted!

The kid asked to knit last night. It was freaking awesome. The last few times she has shown any inclination she’s been a bit on the uncoordinated side… and I’ve been on the gumby side as far as teaching goes… but last night we managed a good few minutes before she gave up. And she’s actually pretty good! Yusssss.

So what I really came to say is…

Come to the exhbition opening damnit! Nanageddon. Do it.

Thursday night at Roar Gallery… cnr of Cuba and Able Smith (above Real Groovy) in Wellytown from 5-7pm.

I hear there is good blue cheese… and if you don’t like blue cheese, you could always come for the art?


P.S. After the exhibition craziness calms down I have an assignment due. Oh yaaaaaaaaaay. Who’s STUPID idea was it to go back to study!?!?!? I’m distinctly unenthused.


8 thoughts on “Click click click

  1. hahaha I whittled my study time down to a week which I thought was enough pressure before my assessment… turns out, after getting busted on facebook night after night, that it actually can be done in 48 hours…. you should be sweet! sleep? – overrated!
    xxxx Maman


  2. If I were in Welly I'd totally be there…even if it was just to SNIFF the blue cheese. (I am soooo missing that!)
    Go Han! Good to see you're starting on the slave labour early.
    And all that needle talk makes no sense to me…but I'm glad you're happy!


  3. Friend of Esther's delurking to share the best knitting related thing I've been using recently. A wool winder. I rewind the yarn when I buy it. Ball then sits flat on the floor/chair and the yarn pulls out from centre. No more yarn rolling around and getting in a tangle. Great for long car journeys. I've been doing a lot of knitting with several different colours on regular trips between Christchurch and Nelson. Couldn't manage the yarn without rewinding it first.

    Lest this sound like an advertisement, I don't have shares in any wool shop, although I should have. My eftpos card could be used in evidence. Groceries on the way home or stop for things I NEED for a project in waiting. Hmmm. Now have we got enough food in the cupboards so I can get those Knitpicks I've been mulling over?

    Hope the opening and the exhibition go well.


  4. Neak – don't you worry… I do have some. I was just knitting on flats because my knit picks were somewhere packed away in my car. Out now though! NEVER AGAIN with the plastic sticks. Argh.

    Mum – 48 hours. HA! That's positively studious. I'm aiming for 2 hours.

    Chris – For some reason I hate wool winders! I know… bizarre. I do have one somewhere. I like it when the balls are all… hrmm… bally.


  5. That yarn is so pretty together! I'm jealous. Also, I am with you on the circs and the Knit Picks. It's embarrassing how much I love Knit Picks. Have you tried the harmony wood DPNs? They are THE best. Thanks for sharing the purdy pictures 🙂


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