Dear Universe Part Deux

Dear Universe,

I had high hopes for job hunting in Auckland after I happened upon my dream job working with an agency concerned with women’s health, advocating for an issue I feel strongly about. I had an interview… it was altogether fabulous. I wasn’t even entirely disheartened when I didn’t get the job, thinking “If this opportunity appeared, there’ll be plenty more!”

Turns out I was wrong.

Veeeery wrong.

So. I implore you, Universe, to maybe please give me a helping hand in the Auckland job hunting department. I’m not asking for anyone to cark it or anything. Maybe just someone who has a truly awesome job, working for a non-profit social organisation of sorts, finally falling pregnant after years of trying and taking maternity leave… or someone else deciding that they’d really like to be a florist after all and so pursuing their lifelong dream… or ooooo… even better… an organisation deciding they need someone young, fresh, and enthusiastic to campaign on some important social issue and so creating a new position for that express purpose?

Please think about it?

Alternatively, if you could all of a sudden make knitting a viable income earner, that’d be rad.

Kind regards,

Nicola Elisabeth


4 thoughts on “Dear Universe Part Deux

  1. I'd employ you as a stylist for my children!
    Shame I'm poor and would only be able to pay you with slightly crappy baking and such…
    Crossing my fingers something more ideal comes up for you soon, chick!


  2. Yeah Niiki, I am inspired by your passion for the carerer and future you want for yourself, it doesn't sound like you give up either. The sense of humor and thoughfulness towards others are qualities I admire too. I'm sending good thoughts towards the universe for you.


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