The start

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So one of the things that is taking up my time at the moment is the young parent’s group that has been set up by a youth worker at Evolve youth centre. It is a really awesome place for youth, with full health facilities and heaps of cool events and activities around the place.

One of them is the young parents’ group which runs every Thursday. We’re starting to get a few regulars now but are looking for more parental types to get involved. As far as “young” goes, it’s generally 25 and under and mums and dads and other kidlets are all welcome.

I’m there in sort of a mentoring capacity… I figure if anyone needs to know about being a single mama, or how the heck WINZ operates, or what the process of paternity stuff is, or studying, or working, orrrr childcare, orrrrr knitting… orrrrr well… anything… then I can ramble away in my usual disjointed way and hopefully they manage to something out of it!

There is now another mama running the group alongside the youth workers and it is just a chance to come and hang, eat some food, gossip, and discuss anything you need to discuss. So if you know any young parents in Wellington City, let them know!

I’m sad that I won’t get to be involved due to the reluctant abandonment of Wellington for Auckland, but I’m hoping there’ll be an opportunity to set something up once I’m there! Because this is what I want to do with my life… build communities… run positive projects that support people to succeed… and to have fun at the same time!


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