You know who is cool?

Greta is freaking cool. I’ve been meaning to do a post for aaaaaaaaaaages telling you how awesome she and her little creations are but I’m a slacker. It was actually Miss Millie’s post about her crafty business that reminded me as Greta was responsible for the gorgy illustrations.

Greta may not remember, but I met her down in Dunedin when I was in my first year. She was best friends EVA with one of the Cumbie Hall kids, Celia. Celia rocks, although I haven’t seen her for a gazillion years but I still think she’s neato. I may stalk her a little in facebook land like most of the people from my hall. Living vicariously through them since I was so rudely plucked from Dunedin and deposited back in scungy Rotorua after somehow magically ending up pregnant. (I’m NOT AT ALL bitter. Er. Hrmm.)

Oh, and Greta’s husband was one of those people that I saw allllll around the place at Otago Uni. Hard to forget, is Iggy. His unique style combined with that of his right hand man, Seb, who used to sport baby blue trackpants (EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.), they were kinda noticeable all over campus. And I happened to work at one of the student pubs, so came across them often. They are hilarious.

And THEN I saw Greta and Iggy crossing the road one day when Greta was ultra pregnant and was all “Neeeeeat! She’s having a babyyyy! Like meeee!” *stalk* *stalk* and then it turns out there were two! And they are cutelets.

OK. So I’m a stalker. With a scarily good memory for people. But now I have good reason! I came across Hotchpotch and Gruelboy at Craft2.0 in Christchurch and immediately fell in love with the awesome prints… honestly, how could you not love these owls???

So, Hotchpotch and Gruelboy man. I bought a pair of pants for a little babe (who I was then too slack to send them to so he didn’t fit them by the time Jamara did get them!) and I have an owly journal for myselfff. The pants were way cute – made from merino and screenprinted upcycled tshirts. *faint @ coolness*

Right. I think that’s enough excitement for one day. But watch out for this Greta lady. Her stuff is ultra rad. I hope like heck she is going to be at Knack this weekend

P.S. Dear Greta, I promise that I’m not dangerous. Love Nikki.


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