As I drove out of Wellington, crying my little heart out courtesy of Jute being sad about Hannah leaving, I looked out the window and saw the ‘It will all be OK’ message that we left back in February. Man alive, I needed it! So thanks Knitschy baby. Your words gave me a whole shitload of hope!

In entirely unrelated news. We all went out the night before I left and had a rocking good time and Molly Malones. Jute and I were called twins more times that I can even begin to count on my fingers and we were thoroughly confused as to why people think we are so alike… that is until I went through the photos on my camera. It seems we pull the same ridiculous drunken raucous face – among others.


3 thoughts on “FaretheeWellington

  1. Awww hunny what a lovely message to see just when you needed it most.
    I still cry everytime I leave Wellington.
    Like today my Chch flight got diverted to Wellington thus I cried because I am a sentimental geek.
    Can totally see the twinny-ness in that pic teehee.


  2. Which one is you and which one is Jute again? 😉
    That outdoor knit always gives me butterflies in my stomach. For some reason I read it and it makes me want to cry with relief. Something that we need to hear, obviously.
    Hope your journey goes well.


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