On being a sucker for punishment

I decided I needed to knit myself a scarf. And we all know how much I hate knitting scarves. I think I even swore that I would never ever knit another scarf as long as I lived. But I discovered the antidote to my scarfobia: amazing yarn. I sent out a plea into the universe looking for some malabrigo and the lovely Shae got back to me saying that she had a couple of skeins to spare. I promised to knit her something in return… uhhhh… yesssss. I’m getting started on that right after I finish my assignment! Promise! But in the mean time, I got excited about the scarf project and actually made some decent progress on it. Of course I have now lost my knitting mojo, but I don’t hold the scarf to blame for that at all this time.

So, my mojo. It’s not just my knitting mojo… it’s my blogging motivation… it’s my anything motivation. Most of it is due to the assignment mentioned above, but I also decided that it’s probably due to the end of a period of an extreme amount of stress. The last couple of months have been pure hell… and now I am finally relaxing and mannnn is it amazing. Even my skin is clearing up! So no more looking like a freaking horrible-skinned 16 year old. I couldn’t understand why the hell I had worse skin at 24 than I ever did as a teen… but yeah, stress would explain it!

Mmmm. So. Assignment due tomorrow and then it’s back to the job hunt and scheduling school visits etc. Hopefully along with that there will actually be some crafting! I set up my desk with machines the other day in preparation but haven’t yet been able to justify slacking off more than I currently am πŸ˜‰ Soooooon! I can’t wait.

Oh, The kidlet is adjusting to Auckland life with her usual enthusiasm and heart. This is from a party we had on Saturday where she befriended half the crowd and adopted them as her new supply of attention and dance buddies. The child is not particularly shy of the limelight as you may be able to tell.


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