The mojo does its thang

So. I thought it might be gone. Especially after yesterday when I tried so terribly hard to get motivated. Essentially all my attempt resulted in was this:

Which is nothing to be proud of. In fact, quite horrified really. That mess is after I’d already packed away 3 bins of fabric.

Yeahhhh so. Quilty business. I even tried that. It seems the bug had bitten me before as I’d cut out a whole lot of crooked bits of fabric in vague rectangular shapes. Not really that helpful for quilts, as it turns out. Heh. So after I’d pulled out all my fabric, looked at it, sighed, tried to channel some quilting goddess, sighed a bit more, jammed fabric away, I thought the mojo would never come back.

But then today. Hell. TODAY! Woo. Watch me go. Dad was here and in the morning we made a new washing line, (pics to come – she’s a frigging beauty) as my other one sucks more than you could ever imagine, and raided piles of abandoned construction materials to find stuff to build a garden, and then built one. And way totally abandoned all hope of an organic vege garden by spraying the shit out of the weeds in my garden *ahem*. Anywayyyy, after that I was all excited and awake and stuff (I think that was the caffeine) so tackled my overlocker, rethreading the damn thing. Here’s some advice: extreme amounts of caffeine, no food, and overlocker rethreading aren’t really a good mix.

Mere seconds before I heaved the overlocker out the window, I sorted it. And mucho extremely fast sewing followed. First I made a skirt out of some gross fabric I had which was destined for the second hand store and it didn’t turn out as hideous as I’d imagined, so the kidlet can keep that. Then I sewed some knit. Errrr. Or tried to. After I’d mangled up a tshirt for Han, my own advice came floating back to me. I’m pretty sure I may have made a post in the past which went something along the lines of “I’ve discovered the secret of sewing knit fabric! Use the right fricking needle!” I only wish I didn’t have the memory of a goldfish. Or at least that my memory would contribute helpful information at the appropriate times. Yes. That’d be nice.

Ah well, the kid doesn’t judge.

And now the mojo is back, I’ve realised where I was going wrong with the quilt. Apart from complete lack of technique. Heh. It just really isn’t my style! I’m going back to the drawing board and am going to try something suitably outrageous. Yuhuh.

P.S. Blogging mojo is also way back but my internet connection is a tad dodgy so I can’t always get on here to post. New plan in that regard though so be prepared for mucho shit talking and more inane news about my life than you can even begin to imagine. Yusss.

5 thoughts on “The mojo does its thang

  1. hehe – i heard your internet was less “dodgy' and more “someone else's” hehehe. delete this if you think they will find out! however, if they can't fit a bloody password to their internet it is their own fault right?


  2. Er, Liz. I think you underestimate who I live with. Please please please don't read my blog neighbours!

    Sue, I must reply to your email! Damn internet crashed when I was trying last time :/



  3. Oh dear that devil child is getting wayyy to gorgeous to be healthy.
    Oh how I wish we could grow us a red haired daughter but even if we managed she wouldn't be that stunning so I guess its best we stick to our blonde boys 🙂
    Yay for motivation.


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