Exploration: A photo essay

We decided to go on an adventure. Hannah packed her own bag. It contained: two quite gross looking bananas, two drink bottles, a teddy, a jersey, and a couple of necklaces. All very important things to take on an adventure, I assure you.

And our exploration begins, with Hannah leading the way:

It’s all very serious.
Hannah took charge of the photography momentarily to document the botanical landscape. This is one photo of about 200. Please be thankful I didn’t subject you to all of them.
We found a duck on someone’s lawn. I have since been warned not to feed the ducks (by your own house at least) as the neighbour ended up with 30 on her lawn, making themselves quite at home, after her son fed them once.
We did a bit of mail tampering. Dear no. 25, my daughter took exception to the placement of your junk mail in the slot reserved for the newspaper. We rectified the problem immediately so you no longer have to worry.

We found the local scum pool surrounded by what Hannah termed “a jungle”. Never mind about cleaning it up property developers, just hide it behind some trees!
The terrain was rough and the road long

We found the beginnings of the construction of a tree dwelling, made from bits of abandoned construction materials that seem to be piled up on every vacant plot.
Hannah took another 100 or so photos of flowers. Including this magnificent image I like to call “Une blur de fleur”.
We lay down and had a rest. And it turned to shit. So we went home.

But on the way, I had a little laugh at this house. Monstrosity of a house. Which probably cost a fortune.
And then its really shitty fence. Which probably cost nothing.

hehe. I am easily amused.


10 thoughts on “Exploration: A photo essay

  1. Ooooo man, that lovely urban sprawl is the area you live in now?
    Hannah is very smart when i used to pack my bags for adventures it would contain a teddy and thats it.
    Never got me very far I tell you now.
    Thank you feels like I too have been on an adventure with you.


  2. Poor han, that bag looks like it gained at least 5 kgs nearing the end of the long, rough road!
    Looks all a bit clean and new.. Met any desperate housewives yet? πŸ˜› Its in need of some graffiti knitting.. knit them a fence. I'm sure it'll go down well…


  3. Awwww, this post made me almost cry – how I miss you and Hannah! Hannah looks like she has grown up soooo much in the short 6 weeks or so since I left NZ, I can't believe it! This has to be your best post ever Nikki, thank you πŸ˜€

    Looks like you are doing well despite the boredom, never fear! It'll be fiiiine… πŸ˜›

    Much Love and hugs xox


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