Tales of a bored housewench

Oooo look – fabric covered boxes! I’m gonna make me some!

And in other news, Han had her first school visit today. I marched in expecting to be all weirded out by the conservative New Zealand-ness of it all but it was down to earth and welcoming.

After being horrified by photos of the school uniform on their website, seeing a classroom full of 5 year olds dressed in plaid melted my stoney heart. They are just too damn cute. And then hearing them all chorus together “Gooood moooorning Hannnnnah” and their goofy little grins just made me want to hug ’em all.

School in 12 days. The kid is well sick of me.


7 thoughts on “Tales of a bored housewench

  1. It does sound extremely cute! Did she have a good time there?
    I keep forgetting you're an Aucklander now, we should hang out some time!


  2. It is a really good news that she is having a first day at school.First day in life is really a memorable day for a person to remember.she is a little cutie she is going to spend her very first day at school that is
    great fun.A lot of hugs and love to little princess from me.


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