Brilliant idea

So, I’m meant to be leaving for Napier in hrmmmm… approx 10 minutes. But in the mean time I thought I’d show off a dress I just made for the kid (instead of packing) mostly based on this tutorial.

It was very very almost a sack like creation but I managed to rescue it by taking it in a pile and then adding an elasticated waist. Quite cute I think!! Pity my guess-the-hem game didn’t pay off. I did my usual trick of deciding it was too long and then just hacking a pile off the bottom… it seems the kid has grown more than I thought and it was a biiiiiiit on the micro mini side. So then I decided to procrastinate some more and made her some little black leggings and wooooooooooo yeah. It looks good.

Fabric was a genius score from the Global Fabrics sale. It’s a fine wool with the coolest print. I’m in love with it! It was originally chosen to be a dress for me… but now I’ve made the kid a dress I may have to think that. Somehow I don’t think matching mama-daughter clothes have gotten any cooler.

Right. Time to pack now! Off to a friend’s wedding for the weekend so I’ll catch ya back here Monday when I’m all gushy and mushy and mostprobablystillhungthefreakover.

Crap. The boy is home. I’m in trouble.

3 thoughts on “Brilliant idea

  1. my mother always threatened to make us mother and daughter matching outfits if I didn't clean my room. The only threat that worked. that said, my school friend nikki had her mum turn up to the school dance with a matching outfit she'd bought as a “surprise”. poor girl sat in the toilets all night and cried.


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