Devil Child does school

The child doesn’t do nice photo poses well. It’s either catch-her-off-guard sort of poses or child-being-a-doofus sort of poses. ha.

But anyway, my little devil child is off for her first day at school today after turning 5 on Saturday. Ain’t she sweet all dressed up in her tragic uniform, pig tails and roman sandals? ha.

She was so damn excited when she left this morning and I was just glad she’d be able to spend some time with people other than me! I pick her up in a couple of hours and I have a feeling the kid is gonna be shaaaaaaaaattered. Didn’t help that her wayward mother took her out for a night of partying on Saturday. heh

The kidlet’s birthday celebrations have been delayed til next weekend so party pics will follow that.

Man. Can’t believe I have a 5 year old. I turned around in the car when we arrived at school and said “Right, out you get Roo!” and she looked at me all stern-like and said “Mum. You have to call me a big girl now – I’m 5.”

Right. I’ve got some study to do. Exam on Wednesday. Eeeek!

P.S. I soooo haven’t figured out this new blogger post thingy. Bear with my excessive gaps and weird font sizes. Much appreciated 😛


3 thoughts on “Devil Child does school

  1. What a cutey – hope she had a lovely first day. BTW here getting sick straight off – same deal as starting childcare – all those new people and bugs 😦


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