The little cosy that couldn’t

So, I have planned for ages to knit a tea cosy for someone after they happened to send me something that I had expressed an interest in learning more about.

A couple of weekends ago when I was on a car trip I started to knit, not quite knowing what I would create… and a tea cosy came out. Which was quite convenient, given the situation above.

I lovingly cast off and sewed in all the ends… crocheted a little tie and sat down to stage a photoshoot despite the fact that I didn’t have a tea pot to model it on.

BUT my friends… the story does not end happily ever after. This little cosy was lacking something. Something kinda important if you want it to actually cosy. Something that I only figured out when I sat down to take the photos of this colourful knitted creation adorning a roundish tin. Perhaps if I had a tea pot I would have figured out that YOU NEED TWO DAMN OPENINGS. One for the handle. And one for the spout. Just like the song dictates. Argh.

So. Anyone here have a tea pot with a broken off handle who needs a little warmth and loving? Otherwise this poor little cosy that couldn’t is resigned to my pile of what-the-fucks* which are going a big fat nowhere.

*You can thank Claire for that one. It is officially my new favourite word for miscellaneous items that just kinda irritate.


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