The universe reponds

Well, a fairy godmother does. I don’t quite know what to say! Well… thank you is a start. And maybe here I admit that it set off a little crying episode because my friends are truly truly fantastic. It just so happened it was mid-mascara application which wasn’t terribly advantageous.

I received a package in the mail this morning from my “Fairy Godmother” who happens to have a post box in Lower Hutt as far as the return address says. They also have connections to The Nappy Network which doesn’t surprise me in the least. The people that frequent the forum there are some of the most generous people I have ever met.

Right, sleuthing aside… I really didn’t expect that my whinging to the universe would cause someone to send through a package as thoughtful as this. As well as the things above, there was a pile of clothing for Hannah and vouchers for food… it seems we won’t be living on two minute noodles just yet 😛

I have been feeling a smidgeon down about being totally unqualified to do anything that I want to do. As well as this parent-of-a-school-kid bizzo being a bit more difficult than parent-of-a-kid-that-you-can-throw-in-care-all-day-and-not-stress-about-homework-or-school-holidays stuff. But as of today, I’ve decided to embrace opportunities that come along. On Monday I’m starting a trial as assistant to a dress makery sort for a few days a week. Hopefully I’ll learn something craft wise and give me time to try out some ideas I have. If all else fails I’ll pester temping agencies.

There is still hope!

And fantastic people!

Thank you fairy godmother. I don’t know if I particularly deserve it, but I do appreciate it.



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