Where have I been?

Well. In slow internet land. That’s where. It’s near impossible to blog without tearing your hair out when you live in slow internet land. Honestly, how the hell did we ever survive on dial up? How do some people STILL survive on dial up? Insanity.

Right. So. The birthday. There aren’t craploads of pictures as I wasn’t the photographer but it was so cool having all the family and others up here at our new place. Increased homeification by 100 fold. And that’s not the gangsta kind. More the ‘Home sweet’ kind. Apparently my great-Grandad grew up out here and a few of the family are buried nearby so weeeeeeeeeeeeee connection to the land! That improved things too.

Anywayyyyy… the boy surprised the girl with a trampoline and has forever earned himself a place in her heart. Nothing like buying off a kid! Oh yeah, Jute and Gaz visited from Wellington (that’s them on the right) which Han was well stoked about. And then well sad about when they left.

Bouncebouncebouncebouncebouncebouncebouncebounce is basically all she’s done since Saturday
And oooooer, please observe: my new vege garden in the back. Yussssss.

Then we had some fab facepainting action from Fairy Godmother Extraordinaire, Gembee. She even came complete with wings! Awesomeness.

I forced everyone to bring a plate to minimise my stress levels and it worked beautifully. We may be living on a steady diet of cupcakes 😉 So thanks to everyone who came out. We had the best day EVER.

Anddddddd yesterday I finally got around to putting up Hannah’s heart fabric behind her bed. I saw the fabric in a window display at Habitat in Welly before I left and HAD to have it. Even if it depleted my savings by a shitload. Now I’m off to make a couple of cushions out of the remaining fabric and oooooer Han’s room will be all hearty and colourful and stuff. I may have a bit of a heart obsession at the momento. Or as Hannah calls them “lovehearts”.

I may have also gotten a bit carried away playing with the filters in Gimp. Fun times tho!

Oh, and the gorgy stripy sock monkey is a Miss Millie creation. Apparently her name is Rosie. I was angling for Herbert but the kid wouldn’t have a bar of it.

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