Flakey flake

So. New plan. Now I think I wanna be a teacher when I grow up. History/social studies to be specific.

Anyone got any reason to talk me out of it? Go. You have approximately 1 week. Actually, more like an hour.

13 thoughts on “Flakey flake

  1. teachnz

    go to the website – you can get money.

    and go extramural through massey. you can go through albany campus (and I have the textbook you can have….and possibly all the assignments to “look at”)


  2. Teens are wonderful!!
    Those of us who have teens want cool, progressive teachers who inspire and motivate.
    As for politics how do we get rid of the silly old dragons who have been there far too long and drag out the same old curriculum plan as they have for the past 20 years.
    Go for IT!!!!!!!!!


  3. Nooooooooooooooo…studying is avoidance technique!!!Volunteer at a school for a while , talk to teachers, ask youself “Why teaching?”Then ask”What is it that I am afraid to achieve that makes studying an attractive option?” I have followed your blog for so long that this sounds like an act of desperation. Please, no rash decisions. Have a summer holiday and think about it.And please, keep blogging. You are an amazing woman(from a 40 something chick!)


  4. hahaha Anonymous… you are right. Well, ish. I am a bit low on self esteem at the moment which is making job hunting very difficult.

    But rest assured, the teaching thing is something I have been considering all year. And there is a lot more to it than just deciding today “I wanna be a teacher when I grow up” 😉

    But my circumstances are such at the moment that there are no jobs doing the things that I want to do (coupled with self esteem issues mentioned above)… and teaching is a path to the long term plan. Like social work is/was too.

    I don't know. I'll see. In the mean time I'll keep randomly bursting into tears. Seems to help tonight.


  5. the great thing about teaching is the degree itself can lead to other things in the education field. I eventually want to specialise in learning support. I would also like to do speech therapy. it really opens up a lot to me.


  6. oh nikki *hugs*
    i think you would make a great teacher, and as gillybean said, parents of teens want teachers that are inspiring! I think it would also go well with social work. So if that perfect social work kinda job came up while you are studying – it wouldn't be a waste of education.


  7. Aw man. Don't cry Nikki, it'll all be ok! I have nothing to back that up, but it will, really!
    Most of my extended family and DH's parents and extended family are high school teachers. They've been doing it for years and haven't stopped yet so surely there's something good about it. You'd be awesome! Exactly the kind of teacher I would have wanted at high school.
    By the way, making a new plan is not flakey. It's taking on new info and making it work for you. Don't beat yourself up chick, you're doing a great job. xxx


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