15 minute crafting

Quick is the name of the game these days people.

Cushions that seriously took 15 minutes. Admittedly the pieces sat on the floor of my sewing room for about a month… but the bit where I actually sewed them into a cushion cover, very fast.

I’m becoming a crochet flower machine. One day these will make it over to Norway and France respectively. One day. Don’t hold your breath Meegs and Pip. heh.

Right. I’m being attacked by worms in my brain. Or so it feels like. Must go lie down while I have some peace. The kid is next door destroying their house. Yusss.

P.S. Lots of rather empty snail shells in my garden this morning. *muhahahahahahaha*

P.P.S. Used phone to take photos. Extremely lazy. My apologies.


6 thoughts on “15 minute crafting

  1. Noodles, your adorable!! I cant wait to have some treats in Norge – I am home visiting in Feb, so perhaps you Alley and I can rave at Cooks, or even Auck? xoxox


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