News in brief

Have been internetless for the past few days. So post will be a news report of my comings and goings in the last week. Tres exciting, I know.

Pearl Jam and Ben Harper in CHCH (fricking freezing!)

Swoon. Need I say more?

P.S. Eddie – can’t understand a bloody thing you say. You mumble something freaking chronic.

2 week old baby cuddles in CHCH
Courtesy of Esther (formerly known as Surfergirl whose blog has now vanished). Thanks for growing a baby so I could cuddle her! She’s rad. Oh, and thanks for coming to Pearl Jam despite having major surgery mere weeks beforehand. You’re extreme!

Head lice
Found the day before my birthday. Head lice party happening in Hannah’s head and a couple of those were crowded out and decided to set up a satellite community on my head. Luckily it was only two of the buggers. I think I have gotten rid of them all but am clearly psychologically damaged as the paranoia itch is still driving me mental. Constant fear of reinfestation is now ruling my life. All physical contact between the kid and I is now on hold indefinitely. I let her place her hand upon mine if there is a sheet of glass in between and that’s about it.

And thanks to everyone for your supportive messages on facebook regarding my status as a colony for head lice. Especially you Sarah Bean. That “bwhahahaha” really helped in my time of need. 😛 😉

Been there, done that. Am now officially 25. Just spent the last hour wading through facebook messages. Yussssssss. Feel terribly popular. We’ll ignore the fact that I’m not sure I’m so popular in the real world. heh

Where the wild things are
Saw it on my birthday. Surprised it is a kid’s movie. Very dark. Beautiful though. Still haven’t figured out exactly what I thought of it.

Designated yesterday as my house work day. So instead I spent the day quilting… you know how it is. Am now a tad obsessed and must. get. quilt. finished. In fact I don’t know what I am doing on here when I could be making progress. Damn you internet. Anyway, I’ve been working as an assistant to a wedding dress designer for the last month or so and quilting has shown me that I have learned some very valuable things in that month. The one that has come most in handy is how to rip out seams really fast. I mean, ideally I would have learned how not to screw it up in the first place but meh. I am now an extreme mistake-unpicking queen. It’s almost worth sewing crooked just to marvel at the ease in which I can get back to square one. Well, almost.

And that, my friends, is my life at present.

Oh, apart from the Boy being all round fabulous and planning a picnic for me today. Unfortunately his control of the weather is lacking. Damn you Auckland and your 5 minute weather pattern.


3 thoughts on “News in brief

  1. I did so not actually forget your birthday totally remembered your special day but could not get my shit together to actually let you know I was thinking of you.
    Happens often these days.
    Surfergurl you are extremeeeeeeee if the major surgery is what i am thinking been there done that so almost killed me erghhhhhhhh.


  2. Happy birthday! A bit belated, but it still counts, right?
    I am jealous of your unpicking skills, any time you want to post some tips on that, please do. Most of my projects need at least a couple of do-overs, and I swear I spend more time unpicking than actually sewing.
    Also very cool about Pearl Jam, they were my first concert when I was 14 and they rocked.


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