The diaries of an out-of-work mum

Dear Diary,
I really need to get off the computer and in to the mess I call a craft room to finish that mo’ fo’ of a quilt before it kills me.
Or maybe do some of the giant pile of laundry that hasn’t moved anywhere despite the abundance of sunshine this week.
Either way, shouldn’t be browsing free fonts to download… or stalking random people on facebook… or blogging. *ahem*

5 thoughts on “The diaries of an out-of-work mum

  1. You just inspired me to stop looking at more stupid bike crap to buy on tm and go and finish 'a' project. Or start finishing one anyway. 😀 Thanks for that. Might even earn some brownie points for myself when gaz gets home and finds me in the garage. Score. Sweet quilt and sweet lens cleaning with t-shirt. I promised myself after spending $400 on my new lenses i was going to upgrade to cleaning my glasses with your cloth that so conveniently lives in my hambag. Lasted a week and i was utilising the finest fabric i could lay my eyes on at time of cleaning.. a week later any fabric will do.. who knows what would happen if i was stuck in the garage with a fingerdot on my goggles and there was only sandpaper to be seen. Surely a fine enough grit would do it… Not sure tho. Ok Im gauwn.


  2. oh crap. Meant to say – MEAN bike! got text when i was half asleep so couldn't quite manage it. then forgot.
    and fricking finger dots. i'm sure i've still got one of yours on my glasses. wench.


  3. Hehe! You guys are so funny!
    Happy birthday for the other day too Nikki.
    Thought about posting a cake in the mail but wasn't sure it would make it. Thanks for the letter too!


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