You know what?

I’m just gonna start again next year. And be a better blogger. Tell you some of the insane stuff that has been going on. Like how my sister and I stood in Woolworths in hysterics last night for about half an hour while we chose presents for our parents. And how the dude stocking the shelves was poised to call security during said hysterics. Let’s just say Christmas at ours is going to be very very very funny. Well, for Jute and I anyway. For everyone else in our family it’s going to be a bit shit. heh.

Tonight we begin the insane journey that is our drive on Christmas Eve at 5pm from Wellington to Rotorua. That shit is a 5.5 hour drive on a good day. I imagine that December 24th is going to be a smidgeon on the slow side. Especially painful as I have no money left so I can’t even bribe Hannah with treats. Ah well.

Anyway, next year is the year of the fabulous blog, fabulous job, and all round general fabulousness. Yes? OK good.

Enjoy your Christmas and see ya next year!


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