When shit backfires

May I please start with a disclaimer that I really am appreciative of gifts so lovingly chosen for me? Sorta… a little bit.

On with the story:

So. My earring holes are infected. Is that what you call them? Earring holes? I was previously using “ear holes” when I was previously bitching about how sore they were but it kinda reminds me of the arse version and I couldn’t maintain a pained expression when I said it. So earring holes it is.

Anywayyyyy… the reason these damn things are infected is because karma and I have a love-hate relationship. Mostly hate. This is one of those hating times.

I recently caught up with a long lost friend who finally bestowed Jute and I with a couple of presents that were bought for us on an overseas holiday by a mutual acquaintance. Only 8 bloody months after they’d got back from the trip! The presents been in safe keeping, rolling around in her handbag for most of that time.

We had previously been warned about these presents. And given that the last time I had been brought a present back from one of this person’s overseas jaunts it was a long-sleeve mesh crop top complete with chunky zip, I wasn’t holding out a whole lot of hope on the taste side of things. Our friend assures us that she had requested a safe item [earrings] in the hope that minimal damage could be done.

Turns out that even with earrings you can go horribly wrong.

Well, it wasn’t so much that the style was particularly atrocious but they just weren’t the type that any of us would ever choose to wear. Like, ever.

We drank wine, I put them on and we laughed a lot. We laughed a lot more after our friend left as Jute and I evilly decided to regift them to her for Christmas. We wrapped them up and tied a cute little bow and put them with the pile of gifts to go down to her on Christmas day and sat back, awaiting the abusive text messages.

Apparently she has a bit more restraint than us and all I got was a brief message telling me that she will get revenge.

But revenge has already been had. My ear lobes are now red and giant and sore. Damnit. I’d like to say that it’ll teach me… but it was so freaking worth it. ha.

An update on the flower war to come.

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