Apparently I’m not the only one to procrastinate around here. Heh. The boy has a car that needs to be fixed. Not that I’m complaining as it means that I get an awesome new herb garden thingy. Ohhhh yeahhhh. It’s hot. And just a smidgeon crooked. But when the only tools available are a handsaw and hammer, you don’t get too fussy.

Especially not when the materials were salvaged from around the neighbourhood where people have just dumped excess building stuff and also from rummaging through a neighbour’s pile of rubbish on inorganic collection day. Yussss. Oh, we did buy a few nails. Although we even recycled some of the nails from the recycled wood too!

I’d like to claim how environmentally minded I am due to all the recycling goodness but I am pretty sure I’m going to end up causing cancer or something in anyone who eats my herbs due to the treated timber. Hrmmm. Ah well, I’ll have yummy herbs so it’ll all be worth it.


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