Lost: one devil child

Man, this whole small suburb out in the middle of nowhere business is absolutely key for staying sane at home during the school holidays. I think I see the kid about 5 minutes a day… usually when she comes in to say “Muuuuuum, can I go to *insert neighbourhood child’s name*’s house?” and then off she goes and I am left in the beautiful peace that is the school holidays with no kid.

Although, sometimes the reverse happens. You are quietly minding your own business, hanging out the washing (or more likely reading blogs) and you hear the thunderous hooves of a million neighbourhood kids descending upon your zen-like abode. It’s only fair I suppose. And they seem to be quick. They stampede into the house, upending boxes of toys and toppling piles of books, and then pass through the other door and race off to cause destuction at the house of the next unsuspecting victim.

So I have little to talk about in regard to the Devil Child as I don’t think I’ve seen her much this month. Instead I think I’ll quietly steal some of the boy’s photos from when we were at the beach over the New Year period.

I also cheekily recruited my mama to hang out with the kid next week for a bit of grandparent time. Unfortunately for mum, she doesn’t have a tribe of kidlets living a few houses away to entertain the Devil Child… and also the kid may have been told months ago that Jen-Jen would take her up the gondolas next time she stayed there. It’s times like those we all curse her elephant memory.

4 thoughts on “Lost: one devil child

  1. Damnit i missed her call the other day. We were driving over to castle point so went out of reception. Your daughters texts are the cutest ever by the way.


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