Pea nibbles

Not at all enough to eat… but makes for a fun photo session

And sadly, there were some little seedlings that never made it. I forgot to plant the damn things before I left for Wellington and so nagged the boy to put them out in the big wide world for me, which he did the day of leaving for our holiday. Stoopid summer actually decided to show itself and fried them to a crisp while no one was around to water them. *sob*

Next up are zillions of photos of the zuchini I am growing. I will be pleading for recipes involving zuchini soon as I am pretty sure I’ll end up with enough to feed a small country.

3 thoughts on “Pea nibbles

  1. I was going to write a nearly identical comment.. I also have a zucchini loaf recipe and will also see if I can find it! It's to die for (especially slathered in butter) and freezes wonderfully, perfect for impromtu visitors.


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