Panic sets in

 I’ve just realised that Han starts back at school in 2 weeks. This in itself is not cause for panic… Han loves school and is keen to get back to see her friends… but this time when she goes back to school, I need to get a job. The savings have well and truly run out and I’m getting a tad bored being at home most days. I decided that the whole teaching thing isn’t an option at the moment because I can’t afford to be income-less.
The last few months I have been working for a wedding dress designer who lives relatively close by, just 10 hours or so a week. While I’m not necessarily the frou frou wedding dress type girl, I have absolutely loved my time working for her… including handsewing lace motifs, even if I did bitch a lot in the process. I’ve also really enjoyed not being stuck in an office. And the things I’ve picked up! She’s taught me a million different things and has been patient along the way, even when I manage to screw things up pretty royally. Don’t worry, most of the time they are totally fixable 😉
So yeah, wedding season is drawing to a close so Han’s days with a stay-at-home mum (even a pretty crap one) are numbered. She’ll be back to being a kid in care. I wonder how she’ll feel about missing out on joining the neighbourhood rat pack after school? Ah well.

And now I go back to panicking about job hunting. Currently considering anything and everything, as long as it is full time and covers my immediate costs. And I’m hopefully meeting with a pretty rad organisation next week. My fingers are crossed that something comes of that… we’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Panic sets in

  1. What's this pretty rad organisation? Not paknsave? I heard they opened the new mall in south auckland and had 1000 people apply for 150 jobs.
    Keep positive despite my abuse.. if i can rope someone into employing me surely you can.. Try other dressmakers, textiles? Seeing I seem to have a little bit of luck attached to me at the moment.. especially yesterday… i'll pass some onto you – Good luck Xo


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