We do it old school

When we were down in Christchurch last, we attended a kite flying day at the air base… which is unfortunately going to be developed and become houses etc in the next few years.
Anyway, it was wiiiiiiiiiiiindy and cold, but Dad finally got our little kite up to fly for a few minutes. We’ve got a few things to learn as far as kite dynamics go. Didn’t stop someone approaching us to say that among all the giant, commercially made, fancy schmancy kites on display, to say that ours was his favourite. My Dad hand made the kite and it was a collaborative effort between Jute, Han, and Jute’s friend Tim to decorate it as The Sleepy Owl, based on the book of the same name by Marcus Pfister Herbert.

Next time our kite is gonna fly as mean as it looks.


2 thoughts on “We do it old school

  1. That is the coolest Kite hands down.. indeed!
    And all the love and time put into it your family rocks.
    Bum about the old air base Grandad who just passes this year always used to take us there as he was a Tiger Moth pilot back in his young and reckless days.


  2. That's so cool! Ella is scarred by us trying to fly a kite on top of Mt Vic when she was 2, it took off and flew towards the sea, never to be seen again! lol. Hope you have better luck.


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