Weddings coming out my ears

Seriously. 2010 is obviously the year of weddings. I have a trillion of them!

My cousin asked if I would knit her a garter for her wedding next weekend [from this pattern]. I warned her that I was knitting my sister’s garter the day before the wedding and totally stressed Jute out, but she decided she could deal with that. And I’ve finished! With time to spare! Honestly, I don’t know if you realise how much of a big deal this is for the world’s biggest procrastinator.

The best part is that it’s returned my crafting mojo! I haven’t enjoyed knitting for quite a few months now… but all of a sudden, I’m well back into it. And not just any knitting, my works-in-progress! I’m quite excited about the things that have been sitting in my knitting basket for about 6 months now. Awesome.

Unfortunately in that 6 months of hating knitting, it seems that every damn shop has sold out of the yarn I need. If anyone comes across Naturally Haven (4 ply) in dark brown, I NEED IT! Dye lots be damned, I’ll take anything. Otherwise poor Cuinn will end up with an armless and hoodless jersey. Not so flash.

Right, I’m off to pick up the kid now. Fortunately it involves driving an hour and a half… that’s a whoooooole lot of knitting.

Oh, and just for you guys, here’s a raunchy shot of my leg the garter. Oh yeahhhhhh.

P.S. I’m onto stitching down the quilt binding! SHOCKHORRORNIKKIMIGHTACTUALLYFINISHIT! I’m excited.

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