Universe, I love you!

So, it started with a new flatmate… which is no mean feat when you live in the middle of nowhere, I tell ya. And then two days ago I got the call from the after school care programme at the Devil Child’s school who basically said she’s in as many days as I need her to be and can add more when I get a job. Suhweeeeet. And then today I had a meeting with a fabulous organisation in an area which I am very much interested in, and they offered me a job. A real, actual, paying job. For me! All me! (Exclamation marks totally justified due to uncontrollable excitement.)

It’s 30 hours per week at this stage but that is just fine and dandy with me as a full time job would mean having to find pre-school care for the kidlet… and this way I don’t have to. Also bonus that I don’t have to get up in the midst of the night to start getting ready. Yussssss.

You know what is super cool for you guys? No more whinging from me about not having a job. Well awesome.

So so so so so stoked.


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