Like a woman possessed

I’m meant to be catching a flight to Christchurch at 6.40am. That means we have to be at the airport around 6am. Which means we have to leave here around 5.15am. And what am I doing up past midnight? Why, I’m searching for Crown Lynn fricking crockery. Honestly. I’ve actually turned elderly. As if the knitting wasn’t bad enough.

Apparently I’ve gone a little nuts in preparation for actually having a job and making some money. I really need to stop as I’m still in the NGO world and I’m only working 30 hours, which means the plans I have for my imaginary millions may as well stop now. Rats.

On the plus side, I am flying down to Christchurch and all the pictures of Crown Lynn stuff that I have happened upon I’ve been all “My Gran in Christchurch has that stuff!” Now if only I can convince her to part with it… yeah right.

So yeah, we’re heading down for a family wedding. The one that the garter was made for. The poor boy is being dragged down to the South Island and subjected to pretty much ALL of my Dad’s side of the family at once. Ha. It’s make or break time people!

And now, to sleep.

Catch ya Monday

2 thoughts on “Like a woman possessed

  1. Congrats on the job! Awesome stuff.
    Oh yeah, apparently E is inviting H to a sleepover party for her bday in June. Just so you know. I wasn't informed until recently. Hmm, we'll see about that one 😉 Not sure so I'm keen on a bunch of 6 year olds up all night 😛


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