Lemonade from lemons

Well. I don’t have any lemons. Or lemonade. But I do have a failing garden. Like, super failing. Argh.

My plan now is to learn what the heck is killing it in the way of insects and fungal diseases, become an expert at garden failure identification, charge you all a fortune for my services, and then use that money to buy vegetables from people who actually know how to grow them.


OK. Brilliant.


6 thoughts on “Lemonade from lemons

  1. I lost all my tomato plants this year just as they finally sprouted fruit. Stupid mildew!!
    My broccoli shot away to seed instead of growing big broccoli heads and although not a vegetable, dastardly yellow ladybird-looking things ate all the caterpillars on my swan plants!
    My only consolation is my wonderful passionfruit which has gone crazy making very tasty fruit.
    Hope that makes you feel better and GL with the researching!


  2. Actually Mel, yes. Yes it does. Other people's misfortune never fails to cheer me up. heeeeeeehehehe. Thanks!

    I'll have to plant passionfruit next year.

    And heyyyyy greenvalleycrafts! (My stalking failed to turn up your real name… which you'll be pleased to know.)


  3. Clare aka: greenvalleycrafts
    I live in Nelson and Nikki knows me she can atest that I am a young n not so freaky mumma…..
    What part of Nelson are you in?
    We were thinking of going to the Sarau Festival but ended up at Luminate.
    Went blueberry picking out Pokororo the weekend before.
    Anyhow just wanted to say hi to a fellow nelson mumma ๐Ÿ™‚
    Looks like you are in a pretty stunning corner of Nelson/Bays


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