I took a whole bunch of photos while in Christchurch but this is the only one I actually like (not even at the wedding… haha) Useless. This is my little bro, taken while we were in the process of graffiti-ing a wall for the wedding photographs. Totally legally and all. Errrrr. Right.

While I didn’t get much decent photographic evidence of the wedding, it was way fun. Here’s why:

  • My family are quite rad – especially the additions, like Lauren  (future step-sister).
  • My boy is quite rad – he stayed up and partied with everyone (first time he’d met them) despite me piking at midnight to go to bed.
  • Wedding was at a scout camp – tent only a drunken stumble away. Awesome.
  • Potato plate eating competition won by my brother – I know they are technically edible, but that doesn’t mean it is a good idea people. Luckily only minor damage to Rob’s esophagus.
  • Pavlova decorating competition for dessert – flaming wooden cutlery all Gaz’s idea.
  • Highland games the next day – for some reason throwing gumboots is really quite enjoyable.
  • Pitching in to help with the wedding – and feeling like you are contributing something worthwhile rather than just going out and buying a toaster.
  • Oh, and not the wedding but way cool anyway – cuddles with baby E. She’s neat. As are her parents.

Thanks for a rad time Becs and Colin!


5 thoughts on “Chchchchchchchch

  1. Awesome photo album from the wedding, looks super fun.
    Also just wanted to say that I love the new banner it rocks xx
    a-ha my word verification word is prick I suspect someone has been messing with it!!


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