Oh hello. I’m tired. Such is the life of a working mother. Ahhh… I love that. Working mother. Yusssssss.

Anyway, neat shit.

  • I work in Newmarket. I no longer get depressed about the stupidly high number of malls and chain cafes in South Auckland. And I have a visit to an awesome op shop planned for tomorrow with an…
  • Awesome workmate. Workmates, to be more precise. I love the people I work with, the conversations that we have, the fact that I laughed so much that I cried the first day I worked.
  • The kidlet absolutely loves afterschool care. And the people that run it are neat. Really neat. They gave me a lemonade iceblock when I arrived to pick Han up today. Brilliant.
  • Figuring out the motorway. I never thought I’d say that, but I’m loving that I can now get home 20 minutes faster than a week ago. Yussssss.
  • Getting paid. Enables said op shop visit… and a whoooole lot more stuff.

I’m sure I’ll have actual decent stuff to blog about soon.


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