The not-quite-finished quilt

It’s on Han’s bed tonight. It wasn’t intended for her… but I think I like it there. So does the kidlet apparently.
The quilt is based on Amy Karol’s quilt in her book, Bend the rules sewing, but I got a bit clever and decided to make it bigger. Stoopid stoopid me. So, it’s still not finished because I got truly sick of handsewing on the damn binding. There’s metres and metres and metres of the crap. I have about 20cm to go. ha.
I also got a bit sick of machine quilting the damn thing together so this is not one of those quilts where I let anyone touch it who may have even a remote idea of what a quilt should look like. I really screwed up the underside, which no one will ever see, lest I have to kill you.

I was going to do a full catalogue of how much I fucked up, but I’m not gonna. I think I like it enough to not put myself through that.

Oh, and we’re reading The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton, the second novel in the Faraway Tree series. Those books rock my world just as much as they rock Han’s. Good times.


11 thoughts on “The not-quite-finished quilt

  1. I think it looks very cool. I am too scared to even attempt quilting, so I just pay Viv to do it for me 😉 Kudos to you for making one yourself!
    And belated congratulations on the job too, that is EXCELLENT news, even more so since it sounds like you love it.


  2. hey that looks awesome, I am loving the colours and am totally inspired – making a quilt is now on my “stuff I'm definitely gonna do one day, maybe even later this year” list.


  3. Aw, I can't see the pics 😦
    Yay to the magic faraway tree, very cool!
    Ella and I have read those 3 and the 3 wishing chair ones, she's currently wearing me down to read wishing chair to her again. I read them over and over as a kid and loved re-reading them with her.


  4. Sorry Mel – fixed photos! I decided to mess with them this morn and obviously broke the link. Sorry.

    And yay for books. I might have to look up the Wishing Chair ones. I never read those as a kid.


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