For everyone

Apologies for raving on about this… I’ve already posted over at OutdoorKnit about our outing. But anywayyyy… something that happened there made me wanna post about Valentine’s Day.

It really suprised me that there were a few people that walked past and muttered “Fricking Valentine’s Day” while we were out there getting our weave on. Don’t get me wrong, there were a zillion people who walked past and were all “Awesome!” but a couple of people who couldn’t see the intent behind the work. It isn’t about the declaration of love for one person, excluding all those who don’t happen to be romantically involved specifically on February 14th. It was about creating something around the theme of love that eeeeeveryone could enjoy. And that expressions of love don’t have to be through how much money you can spend.

I don’t know… but the boy seemed to get it. I woke up yesterday morning and he presented me with a mini version of a heart fence. He’d woven three hearts into a grill of some description and confessed that he’d been up til 5.30am on Saturday morning crafting the damn thing. haha Awesome. I can’t help smiling every time I think about it… which is totally what the fence thing is alllll about.


9 thoughts on “For everyone

  1. Heya Nikki,

    This is Ryan, i met you at the anarcho conference in Welly last year.

    I lost your email address but remembered the blog, so this is my attempt to get in touch, say howdy and say it'd be cool to catch up some time, now that you're up in Auckland.

    My email is and Holly and I would love to have you over for tea some time, or have a catch up somewhere so get in touch.

    Have a good day,



  2. What a cool guy you have there!
    The fence is cool – and I have seen more fences around Welly recently with hearts, so you are helping to spread the love!


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