Where it all began

Alicia over at Posie gets cozy posted about how she got into knitting. It was an awesome story involving plastic needles and cheap acrylic yarn, inspiring me to write my own story.. just so anyone out there who doesn’t knit, and wants to, realises that it isn’t all cuddly-lessons-by-the-fire-place-with-grandma type stuff.

I was not terribly interested in craft when I was younger, despite my grandmother being a prolific sewer and my mother being pretty damn clever herself. I butchered a few items of clothing during my teenage years and that was about it as far as crafty stuff went.

It wasn’t until that I got vaguely kiddified that I suddenly took an interest. And it wasn’t because I felt any great flood of inspiration… I was a young chick spending most of my time, up until finding out about my pregnancy of course, drinking and partying my life away. That and studying. Yeah, study. But when I was about 7 months pregnant, I had the urge to be a bit more sensible; to appear even remotely ‘motherly’ seeing I was a matter of months off bringing a kid into the world. I decided knitting was quite the grown up thing to do and requested that my mother teach me. Which she did. Unfortunately that foray into craftiness lasted approximately 5 minutes before I declared it boring and slow and holey and threatened to throw the needles and yarn out the window. My apologies Hannah. Good intentions and all that.

It wasn’t until Hannah was about 2 years old and I began to see all the cool stuff that people were making, and appreciating the value of natural fibres, that I decided to give it another go. So with the help of Knittinghelp.com, a pattern lent to me by a friend, some plastic 4mm needles, gross yarn from Knit World, and incredible determination, I learned to knit… again… by starting a purple baby jersey in 6 month size. Start small people… small. Even then, that particular jersey never got finished. I got to the part where it said “inc 2st” and went “wtf?!!?” and abandoned it in favour of something far more straightforward.

I got a bit ambitious and started quite a few projects then, including the Scarf of Doom, which took me 9 months to complete and did nothing for my scarf-knitting-mojo, but it did kick into overdrive my procrastinatory knitting technique which meant that I finished a whole lot of other stuff just to avoid that stoopid scarf. And a momentous occasion in my knitting career, halfway through that scarf, Mum came down and pointed out to me that I was knitting backwards. I think that’s where most of the scarf-related animosity came from… it’s quite hard to knit backwards. Just take my word for it. And since then, I’ve knitted!

So, in short… this crafty business, it’s relatively new. I’ve no long history of master knitters unlike someone I know but just an internet connection, some awesome friends willing to create social occasions around craftiness (Jamara and Tash to name a couple), and some super duper stubbornness. Yuhuh.

P.S. A craft night, named “Crafty Goodness”, possibly starting soon at the Auckland Women’s Centre. Watch this space. I’ll be there if anyone wants any help in the knitting department… but all crafts are welcome.


2 thoughts on “Where it all began

  1. Hiya Nikki. I've been reading your blog for a little while now and just thought I'd tell you that you crack me up! In a good way. Very entertaining reading. =)I've always wanted to start knitting properly but haven't done any since I was a kid and Mum tried teaching me.


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