Take that bugs!

I pulled off all my decent sized cherry tomatoes and have had them ripening inside so that the evil bugs can’t get them. Since doing that I read that it’s better to cut off the whole branch and ripen that instead of individual tomatoes but meh, it’s working.
My zuchini plants are dying from what looks like blight and I’m pretty sure it’s now affecting my tomato plants. I really suck at this gardening business. But before the plants die off, I’m pretty sure I’ll get some more fruit so I’ll accept that and write the rest off to learning: learning that I’m not great at growing vegetables. Luckily stubbornness means that I’m not giving up. I will conquer the bugs, nutrient deficiencies, and fungal diseases if it kills me.

3 thoughts on “Take that bugs!

  1. Your tomatoes look great! I have one ripening on it's own outside, the rest are all green. And my beans developed a rust disease so it's not just you! I've ripped them out and am going to try flowers lol.
    If you can get your hands on the Tui NZ vegetable garden book, it is awesome. We were given it for Christmas. It lists all the veges you can grow in NZ by alphabetical order, with the season to grow them in, and even a recipe for each vege. Just so you know, I'm not doing anything to my veges except watering them very rarely, and weeding them even less than that. I think you're just having bad luck, but just keep perservering! Just think of it as a learning experience!


  2. It's been a bad gardening year for most of us, so I don't think it's just you Nikki. We've got blight on the tomatoes (and they are pitifully small), but they are still growing. Now my cucumbers have powdery mildrew, and have to be pulled out or it will spread to my pumpkins (which are one of the few things doing well).

    Kepp perservering with the gardening, I think you are doing well.


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