Dial up speed does not a good blogger make

Here’s what I would be blogging about if I didn’t have dial up speed internet at home

  • Telecom being fracken useless and not having more points on the exchange out where we live, despite huge housing developments going on everywhere. No more sign ups to the internet for the foreseeable future apparently. %^&$!
  • Walking into the Devil Child’s room to find every single toy with at least one limb wrapped in toilet paper. Some even mummified. Apparently the kid was playing doctors. If I run out of toilet paper in the near future, I’m gonna be really annoyed.
  • The boy joined twitter. I can no longer refer to him as the “Stoopid Boy” in my tweets. Or at least I can, but he’ll know immediately. Oh, and this huge as he swore he would never sign up to twitter. Mind you… so did I. ha.
  • Every one in our house was asleep by 8.40pm last night. Hilarious. Well… maybe not our flatmate, but the Boy, the kid, and I definitely were.
  • Rotorua this weekend.
  • The suspiscious absence of decent cafes in Newmarket.
  • And probably a whole lot of ranting about women’s health stuff. It’s so much fun working in an area I care so much about. Yay!

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